Lash Application Tips

  • Step 1: Trim false eyelashes Adjust the length of false eyelashes according to the length of the eye type. Subtract the long part of eye head and eye tail respectively, and do not only remove the part of eye tail.

  • Step 2: Apply false eyelash glue Apply proper amount of glue to the root of false eyelashes with eyelash brush. Eye head and eye tail can be applied more, wait for more than ten seconds until the glue is half dry and transparent.

  • Step 3: Wear False Eyelashes Along the eyeliner, first fix the eye tail part, then the middle part is completely fixed at the root of the eyelash. After sticking, hold your eyelashes and false eyelashes with your hand and gently push them in for 10 seconds to make them fit better.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children